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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 16, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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[ laughter ] >> bret: we didn't have fountains, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, there is breaking news now. a deadly office shooting. reports of multiple fatalities and injuries. and schools on lockdown right now. plus, a startling discovery at the airport. a traveler headed to tehran with something secretive in a suitcase. tonight, what set off the radiation alarm and landed the passenger in police custody? dramatic new details in the millionaire murders. we will check out what investigators are revealing with about the crime scene and how this attack actually unfolded. plus, struggling families get
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a a helping hand from a stranger. >> he said that she had money. she wanted to make christmas happy. she said don't pay that. i'm going to pay it for you. >> and that mystery woman isn't the only one doing this. tonight, the story of the secret santas who are changing people's lives. a fox news urgent and some late breaking news right now on capitol hill on a possible compromise that would keep the payroll tax cuts from expiring next month. this is vital because if they can't get it done, our paychecks will shrink next year. more on that in a element no. this comes after the united states congress finally started moving forward with a spending bill to keep the government from shutting down tonight. the house already voted through a trillion-dollar spending bill that would keep the government running past midnight. the senate still has to take action. even if that doesn't happen until tomorrow, it seems it will be okay. >> the administration, i'm told by the majority leader,
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takes the view that if it's passed one house it would not be a government shoulddown. i think everybody should be reassured that's not going to happen. >> shepard: either way those payroll tax cuts are still very much up in the air. and again developing now, a possible deal is in the works. mike emanuel is all over it on capitol hill tonight. a flurry of activity there, mike. fill us in. >> in the last few minutes, senate republic leadership on the republic side met with their members in one side. senate democratic leadership met with the leadership in another room. two plans unveiled. one 11 month extension of the payroll tax holiday extending unemployment benefits. also doing the medicare doc fix that they have to do every year. including the keystone xl pipeline fully paid for, no new taxes. also a two month extension. earlier today we could tell they were getting close. here is senate majority leader harry reid. >> senator mcconnell and i have just finished a meeting.
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we are making really good progress on being able to handle handle the issues that everyone knows are outstanding. we are not there but we are very, very close. >> and we just heard from senator john mccain off camera a few minutes ago he said any time they get close to a holiday they get close to a deal. what we are hearing is they do believe they are going to hammer out a deal to make sure people's taxes don't go up january 1st. shep? >> shepard: what's the more likely scenario in the way of a deal, mike? >> what i have been told the more likely scenario is that two month extension. the problem with that is obviously this comes up again in the middle of the presidential primaries. if it was tough to do this year it will be harder to do during a presidential election year. we got a little bit of a previewed from speaker of the house on this scenario earlier today. >> these rumors that are floating around here about a two month extension, i will just say this. if that bill comes over to us, we will make changes to it and i will guarantee you that the keystone pipeline will be in
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when it goes back to the united states senate. >> bottom line, republicans here on capitol hill are very happy the keystone xl part-time line is part of the package that will likely go through. they feel like it will cost jobs and doesn't cost the taxpayers a dime, shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel with developing news on capitol hill. mike, thanks very much. and a fox urgent and a live look now at the scene of a reported shooting at an office building. police say a gunman shot and killed at least two people and then killed himself. a couple of schools reportedly on lockdown as a precaution. happeninger irwin dale california. east of los angeles. the office building where it went down is home to the southern edison utility company. nothing about motive developing now. live pictures there. new information as it comes in. fox news is america's debate
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and election headquarters and mitt romney picked up a big endorsement today from a tea party favorite. the south carolina governor nikki haley backing the former massachusetts governor today. she broke the news this morning right here on fox news channel. >> today is the day that i am throwing all of my support behind mitt romney for president. when i look at the focus of what every family cares about, it's jobs, the economy, and spending. and what i want is someone who is not part of the chaos that is washington. >> shepard: south carolina, home to the first in the south primary as they call it. it happens right after iowa and new hampshire. it's a big deal. carl cammeron is live sioux city iowa tonight. carl, governor haley's endorsement is a big deal not just because of the tea party, right? >> not at all. important to recognize when she says she doesn't want someone who is part of the washington chaos. that's essentially writing off newt gingrich because of course he led congress as the speaker back in the 19 1990s.
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nicly kayly's endorsement is important because all governors have the finger on the puls of their states. she has a network that's constantly active as executive that she can reach and share with mitt romney. that's a big deal. the tea party signal is very important not just in north carolina but across the country. nikki haley's win was historic. first woman governor in south carolina and did so with a tremendous amount of support. it's also worth noting that south carolina's primary is very important for republicans. no republics ever win the presidency without first winning the first in the south primary. nikki haley is a big boost for mitt romney. all the the candidates tried for it. he won it. >> shepard: he flew to south carolina today on a plane his wife is calling hair force one? >> yeah. it's cute romney type humor if you will, shep. it's the kind of thing that might to some seem a little off key in terms of how funny it is. one of the criticisms of mitt
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romney for years is he like a ken doll. everything is just. so his hair perfe. over tad four or five hairs out of place that gets musted up. take a look at the video. almost the same four hairs. hair force one. first candidate to carry the press along with him. that's always a sign who thinks he is the presumptive nominee and beginning to get that juggernaut status. >> shepard: certainly confident. one poll shows most americans say president obama does not deserve a second term. but they are apparently not crazy about the republic challengers either. 52% say they do not want to give the president four more years according to a survey from the associated press. almost exact reversal from may. the president's approval rating hitting a new low at 44%. still beats the top republic candidates edging out mitt romney by a point and easily
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topping newt gingrich. fannie mae and freddie mac bailouts have cost american taxpayers to the tunes of tens of billions of glars. now so. former bosses at those mortgage giants could be in serious trouble. how prosecutors are now going after the executives. plus, accusations of radioactive smuggling. now responding to reports that somebody was trying to sneak some very dangerous material into the country. that's ahead from the journalists of fox news on a very busy night on fox report. capital one's new cash rewards card
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>> shepard: iran is now lashing out at reports of a man trying to smuggle radioactive material into that country and tonight claiming it's all a big misunderstanding. that's after russian airport officials reported finding radioactive metals in a passenger's luggage. we are told the iranian national was flying from moscow to tehran when his bag set off alarms. the material inside reportedly
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tested at 20 times normal radiation levels. of course, tensions have already been quite high between iran and the west. last month the united nations nuclear watchdog reported evidence that rockie iran is wog on a nuclear weapon and the united states reportedly considering tough new punishments for the republic. jonathan hunt has been looking into in this afternoon. the russians are open a criminal investigation on this at the same time iran is saying there is nothing to this. >> it's all very bizarre, shep. the russians have made a complete about-turn from the way they first reacted. at first they made no arrests. they simply let the would-be smuggler go. now they are saying not telling us when this incident even actually happened but they are now saying they believe it was a criminal act a. this radioactive material did come from a russian nuclear facility. but they still won't say who this person was or where he might now be. now, given russia's long history of cooperating with
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iran over the building of the nuclear facility is raising all sorts of red flags, shep. >> shepard: what have you found out about the material that set off this radiation detector? >> again, we're dependent on the russians for information here. they say this person had 18 metal bars in his luggage. those metal bars all contained something called sodium 22. now, the experts say that that kind of radioactive material is not normally used in any sort of nuclear weapons but, instead, is commonly used in medical profession. so a lot of experts say there is no major concern here. listen to jim walsh of m.i.t. >> the main thing it is not involved in the nuclear weapons program. if it was people would be screaming bloody murder. they are not. so this remains more a mystery to be solved than sort of a compelling crisis that we have to confront. >> but the point here may be that we really only have the russians' word for what that radioactive material was. so there is a lot of questions
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still to be answered here. and the state department are among those who would like those questions answered pretty quickly, shep. >> shepard: i'm sure they would. jonathan hunt. big news in the penn state sex abuse scandal. a judge in pennsylvania ruling that prosecutors can move forward with a case against two penn state administrators. these two men are accused of lying to grand jury about then graduate assistant mike mcqueary and about what he told them he saw in a locker room. today this guy mcqueary testified that in 2002 he believes he saw the former assistant football coach, jerry sandusky molesting a young boy. mcqueary says he isn't 100% sure if it was a rape. he said sandusky was involved in a quote extremely sexual act. mcqueary says he had no doubt at the time that he fully conveyed what he saw to the two school administrators. so those administrators are charged with lying to the grand jury and failing to properly report what mcqueary saw.
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mcqueary also said he reported what he saw to head coach joe paterno. as for coach sandusky, he faces more than 50 charges related to alleged attacks on children over a period of 15 years. marine sergeant dakota meyer says he never considered himself a hero has said that from the beginning. first living marine in decades to receive the medal of honor is finding himself of having to defend his story. the marine corps reported and president obama acknowledged that in 2009 sergeant meyer saved the lives of 36 people during ambush in afghanistan. ignoring orders and driving his humvee into enemy fire not once but five times facing almost certain death. but earlier this week a mcclatchey newspaper report and the reporters were there with him at the time, claim that the military provided an inflated version of events to the obama administration. the marines deny it. and yesterday the white house said it thoroughly vetted marine corps documents before
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giving meyer the military's highest honor. sergeant meyer himself has told fox news quote it's not about me. it's about america. i don't care about skin color or religion or political parties. i believe in this country, end quote. meantime sergeant meyer dropped a lawsuit today that claimed a former boss called him, quote, mentally unstable. that hurt his opportunities to find work, he said. sergeant meyer issued a statement saying that he and the employer settled their differences. the terms of that settlement not disclosed. a wealthy couple, their daughter and grandchildren found the bodies. tonight, heart breaking new information on just what they saw. plus, a woman may have hoped that this guy would steal her heart. but cops say that is not all he was after. details from one bad first date and you can bet it's a last date. that's next. get the technology they love, on the network they deserve.
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>> shepard: fox urgent new details coming in on an office complex that led the broadcast. a gunman has killed two people and wounded two others and killed himself. still nothing on motive. the spot is irwin dale east of los angeles. the shooting forced a couple of schools on nearby lockdown. the scene is now secure officials tell us. school officials say they have released all of the students to their parents. more updates coming. chilling new details on the murder of a wealthy developer and his wife. a couple whom friends have described as the perfect pair. the police say the victims' bodies were lying head-to-head in their boston area mansion with gunshot wounds through their necks. the couple's daughter first to stumble on this scene as she dropped her kids off with the
4:21 pm
grandparents who were then by dead. friends say that makes the tragedy tougher. >> she called me as soon as she got in the house and called her husband and myself and police, of course. she just walked in and they were there. >> adding to the mystery, the cops say they found the couple's suv on fire some 25 miles away in boston's north end. an area with quite a reputation for mob activity. with all of that said trace is live on this tonight. it sounds like they think it's a targeted hit. >> they do shep. not only were the bodies of john and geraldine mcgee lying head-to-head in the front room of their house but all of the shell casings had been taken away. a very clear sign that someone tried to clean up the crime scene, take away the evidence. and then the killer apparently stole the couple's suv, drove it 25 miles to the north end and tried to burn the evidence there now the cops still won't say if there were any signs of
4:22 pm
a struggle inside the house or if the mcgees were robbed. the autopsy results have now come back and the coroner confirms that the couple was killed by gunshot wounds. shep? >> shepard: still as far as we know nothing toind indicate they were in a feud with anybody? at least nothing obvious. >> no. in fact those who knew john mcgee said any time he had a problem he was calm and diplomatic about the way he handled it for example, back in 2008 he he was involved that pretty tough land dispute and he ended up settling that for a large sum of cash. there is no record of legal trouble or financial trouble or domestic violence the entire town seems to be baffled by these murders. the last murder in andover, massachusetts was in 2002. police believe that victim was not each killed in the town limits but, in fact, was dumped in the town limits. shep? >> shepard: the mystery deepens. trace gallagher with us. thanks so much. we are getting a look at the guy who called himself brad
4:23 pm
ass 87. he gave secrets to wikileaks. he headed to court today. he could pay a very high price. his lawyer claims the leak was no big deal. we're live in d.c. plus, homicide by hazing. the autopsy is in on the death of a college drum major. new fallout for a very famous marching band and talk about a secret santa. you are in the right place at the right time. a complete stranger might just buy all of your christmas gifts for you. for real. that's coming up. >> she said don't pay that. i'm going to pay it for you. >> i was saying thank you so much that she did this for us. i can't believe it. is non-stop to seattle? just carry preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recommend most by name.
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>> shepard: the death of a florida a and m university drum major is ruled a homicide from blunt force trauma during a hazing incident. it's official tonight. you will recall robert champion died during a bus trip last month. today the medical examiner reported on the record the student had bruises along his chest, arms, shoulder, and back. that according to his test results the coroner's the student died of internal bleeding. uncovered evidence of employee fraud and misconduct at familiar u in the wake of that student's death. florida a and m has since
4:28 pm
suspended long-time band director and calls for the president of the university to step down. a witness says two people are dead after troops clashed with protesters and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. egypt. [shouting] that witness said gunfire caused the killing. happened as antimilitary demonstrators fought with egyptian shoulders in cairo. the confrontation started late yesterday after military police stormed a camp that protesters set up three weeks ago outside the cabinet building. the group demanding the ruling generals step down from power. france, a massive cargo ship reportedly leaking fuel after it ran aground in high winds off the country's northwest coast. a helicopter crew rescued the 19 crew members. nobody hurt. canada. residents on the western coast say there is japanese writing on some of this debris.
4:29 pm
they say it's apparently from the devastating tsunami last march. >> yeah, sort of more so he than usual we are finding bottles and different items from japan. >> experts didn't expect anything from japan to reach canada until 2013. one report indicates the stuff covers an area twice the size of texas. philippines dozens of fraternity men holding a naked run around manila. draw attention to efforts to clean up polluted rivers in the city. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon. your holiday smart phone destination. >> shepard: you know it's a bad date when it ends with a felony. a woman in pasco county florida says she went to a movie with a guy and at some point he said he had to get something from her car. she said she handed over the keys and that's the last she
4:30 pm
saw of him. happily the suspect michael pratt has a somewhat distinctive appearance so sheriff's deputies didn't have much trouble finding him. he faces charges of grand theft. i'm shepard smith. he is brad ass 87 and facing justice from the military that he is acould you seed of trying to betray. the army private bradley manning charged with giving hundreds of thousands of secret documents to wikileaks. reportedly down loading them on to a cd or ripping them on to it. a cd labeled lady gaga he called himself brad ass 87 online. his real name bradley manning. now is he facing 80 charges including espionage and aiding the enemy. he turns 24 years old tomorrow and could spend the rest of his life in prison. could. today's hearing to decide
4:31 pm
whether manning will face a court martial. his lawyer says he wants a new judge our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is in the d.c. newsroom tonight. the defense claims this judge is biased against the client. >> that's correct. claiming that the judge has a serious conflict of interest. when he is not in uniform his day job is at the department of justice with a sex crimes division and the justice department is considering whether to prosecute wikileaks julian assange for releasing the documents that he stole. britain's highest court agreeing to hear his appeal to avoid extradition to sweden on sex charges. as manning left under guard no comment to reporters. the hearing continues over the weekend unless the army court of appeals steps in because of this alleged conflict of interest, shep. >> shepard: part of the defense narrative, catherine is, yes, there were leaks and document dump but they didn't harm anything.
4:32 pm
they didn't really give away any secrets. >> that's right. publicly the administration says shep that wikileaks amounts to an intelligence train wreck. >> it was a very unfortunate and damaging actions. action that were taken put at risk individuals and relationships. >> but according to this recent filing by the defense. classified the reports by the defense intelligence agency concludes otherwise, quote. all of the information allegedly leaked was either dated, represented low level opinions or was already commonly understood and known due to previous public disclosures. it's going to be important for the government's case to prove manning stole classified documents and the release harmed sources and message, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in d.c. tonight. the feds are coming after six former executives mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac. proving they were lying to
4:33 pm
investigators about risky loans that helped trigger the entire financial meltdown. among those the feds have charged these two men the former ceos at fannie and freddie. they're now the highest profile executives to face charges in connection with with the great recession. fannie and freddie own or guarantee about half of all of the mortgages in the united states. you will recall the government essentially took over those companies three years ago because the mortgage crisis trend to sink each of them. so far taxpayers have bailed them out to the tune of $150 billion. one regulator says that number could ultimately balloon to more than 250 billion. let's get to washington now. jim angle with the details of this. 250 billion. that's a new number to me. >> you better believe it shep, i will tell you. the sec cited many examples of the fraud today pointing for instance to one of freddie mac's annual reports. listen. >> freddie mac misrepresented
4:34 pm
to the public that its subprime holdings were not significant. in fact, the company had $141 billion of subprime exposure. >> the fec used charge to demonstrate the tiny slifers represent the subprime loans fannie and freddie disclosed. the rest of the pie shows how much they really had 40 to 70 times greater. today's actions only involve charges for misleading investors. one analyst said the fiction those investors maintained help housing crisis from which the nation still suffers. >> i think that if there had been full disclosure as required by the securities laws, we would not have had a financial crisis because many people would have bailed out of that market before it grew to be so large. >> because the information was withheld, it appeared how overextended the housing market was. now both fannie and freddie are cooperating with the fec.
4:35 pm
>> difficulty for the fec was the fact that fannie and freddie are now basically wards of the government and to the extent that they charged them and collect any fines from them, they are simply collecting it from the taxpayers. >> now by the time the crisis hit in full force, shep, 70% of the 27 million shaky mortgages were on the books of fannie and freddie a cost taxpayers will be digesting for years to come. shep? >> shepard: jim angle on capitol hill tonight. thanks. a lot of things have changed because of the financial struggles and crisis which has hit our economy. one is that layaway came back. and a lot of families turned to lay layaway programs to get presents under the tree. now reports of very generous strangers helping out and paying off a layaway balances in stores across our nation. there is one particular touching one that we have heard of. a young father from indiana. he was at the k-mart with his three sons telling the store
4:36 pm
manager he couldn't afford to pay before christmas. he had on dirty clothes and worn out boots. that's when the manager said a stranger, a woman, offered to take care of his entire bill. >> dropped in our store last night. >> an angel dropped. in a secret santa reportedly spent thousands of dollars and paid off 50 different people's layaway orders. the mystery woman didn't give her name. she did leave a request. remember ben. apparently reference to her husband who had just died. gerri willis is with us now. that's a great story. >> that's a great story. >> shepard: come back of layaway. i can remember at the golden rule story as a kid there was layaway. it went away for years, decades. >> long time the recession brought it back. wal-mart just brought it back this year. they say their commerce demanded it toys r us brought it back in 2009, sears brought it back in 2008. more poplar than ever.
4:37 pm
>> shepard: the national retail federation thinks americans are going to shop until they drop this holiday season. >> they are upbeat, looking for somebody that's happy is the retailers. they say we will spend $469 billion over the holiday season up 3.8% last year. big boone. big gain. see if they are right. banking on what happened over the thanksgiving weekend. that's the start of something good. >> shepard: we can hope. gerri willis catch her program 5:00 eastern time 4:00 in oxford on the fox business network. a simple act of compassion may have made all the difference after an accident left a woman pinned under a city bus in and very badly hurt. the fire crewies struggling to free her. one officer crawled up under the bus and held her hand. she said she told him she couldn't feel anything below her waste and she was afraid she was going to die right then and there.
4:38 pm
and she asked her not to leave her. he did not let go until rescue workers were able to lift the bus off her body. it happened just outside salt lake city. the 24-year-old woman said to be recovering at a hospital there and expected to make a full recovery. yesterday sam herd was a receiver for the chicago bears. some of you may have heard about him that show outside the lines. what's that? hard knocks. about the jets. he used to play for dallas at the time. is he not a football player anymore because he is accused of moon lighting as a some sort of drug king pin. we're talking king pin. a live report on this former chicago bear and how the rest of the envelope fits in. plus, the former baseball slugger barry bonds learned his fate today for having lied about using steroids. and the death defying comment heat from the sun. that's all ahead on fox
4:39 pm
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>> shepard: his skills on the gridiron got him a multi-million-dollar contract. sam herd had plans to become a big time chicago drug king pin. today the chicago bears cut him after cops arrested him wednesday night on federal drug charges. about two hours ago sam herd was released on $100,000 bond. cops busted him after he reportedly told an undercover agent he was distributing four kilos of cocaine per week but needed more because his supplier couldn't keep up with his demand. we're told he agreed to pay up to $700,000 for 22 pounds of coke and a half ton of marijuana per week. that adds up to nearly $3 million a month which is more than the former dallas cowboy was making to play football this year.
4:43 pm
and that's not all. accusations he made a purchase. there have been persistent reports now mike that other nfl players were buying drugs from him. is that not true? >> well, you know, the nfl as well as the chicago bears say they are unaware of any other players who may be linked to this. now, attorney for sam heard hurd flatly denies that his client was selling to his or her players. >> with respect to the rumors that sam has been supplying drug position other members of the nfl out of respect to the nfl out of respect to his teammates and respect to other players he 100% denies that allegations. it is palt tently and totally false. hurd is out on bond. he he needs to travel to dallas. his case is going to be based there because that is where to originated. he can travel but he had to surrender his passport and submit to drug testing and
4:44 pm
drug counseling, shep. he denies this out of respect for the other players. fascinating wording there. the bears only found out about this when he didn't show up for a team meeting. the team had absolutely no heads up, shep. players and coaches said they were shocked. management said they investigate players regularly but didn't see this coming. i'm certainly not going on any witch hunts here about players. the one thing that we have done when there has been a wrong, we have acted. we don't justify wrongs and we have acted. we have a track record of doing that unfortunately, the situation arose that caught us off guard but not to the point where we aren't going to do the right thing. the right thing is to cut sam hurd. >> team spokesman said the bears are not obligated to pay the remainder of his contract.
4:45 pm
the captain said football wise the team will be fine. they will get past this and move on. hurd was not a key player to the bears. he got more game time on special teams. >> shepard: mike tobin. thanks. that's football now baseball. after a nearly decade long investigation into steroid use in mlb. form are seven time mvp barry bonds walked out of court with what prosecutors called a slap on the wrist. this months after he was convicted of lying to a grand jury. san francisco judge sentenced barry bonds to two years probation and 30 days house arrest. the judge also ordered him to pay a whopping $4,000 fine and to do community service. the judge put that entire sentence on hold while appeals prosecution. asked the judge to give barry bonds 15 months in prison arguing house arrest wasn't enough for a man who lived in a 15,000 square foot home in beverly hills. the judge disagreed. barry bonds has admitted he
4:46 pm
did, indeed, take performance enhancing drugs. he says that at the time he didn't know what they were. getting too close to the sun is a death sentence for anything in space. one small comet has defied all odds. take a look this video from nasa shows how close that comet came to destruction. it got to within 75,000 miles of the sun where temperatures can reach several million degrees. one scientist said and i quote: it's like an ice cube going by a barbecue grill. the comet glanced by and continued on its way. nasa research ares say it lost about 90% of its mass, including its tail. remember the bare foot bandit? today he pleaded guilty to stealing cars and stealing planes and all sorts of transportation how much time will he spent behind bars? plus it seems tim tebow is the
4:47 pm
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>> shepard: bare foot bandit stole prosecutors and boats and at least five planes often with no shoes on faces more than seven years in prison. is he colton harris moore, the bare foot bandit. he led cops on a two year game of cat and mouse stretching from the pacific northwest alleluia all the way to the bahamas where police finally arrested him last year after a high speed boat chase. some folks in his hometown near seattle called him a hero.
4:51 pm
you will recall cops even found chalk footprints at one crime scene. today several victims of his crime spree told a judge they feared he would strike again. among them this grocery store owner. >> pretty nerve-racking being here right now. it's slightly better than walking in and finding your cash safe open and cash drawer. it has happened more than once. he has been in my store numerous times and taken amazing amounts of things. >> shepard: he has been in there a lot. in 2009 i spoke with the bare foot bandit's proud mother on the "studio b." here is what she said. >> if he stole the airplanes and can fly i'm proud of him flying because he has never had a lesson. >> today, the judge called his long list of thefts a tragedy but praised the kid for showing remorse and for that he gets a sentence near the
4:52 pm
low end seven years, three months. dan springer in washington north of seattle. it seems the judge has some sympathy for this bare foot bandit. >> yeah, shep. she absolutely did. she could have sentenced colton harris moore to almost 10 years. instead as you mentioned she went to the low end of the scale. described him as contrite and shy. she said she applauded him for being will to pate victims back almost a million dollars in restitution and described clearly moved by harris moore's abusive childhood which she described as a mind-numbing absence of hope. >> that is the triumph of the human spirit and triumph of colton harris moore he has survived. >> restitution $1.2 billion paid by fox because we paid for the movie rights. >> shepard: our parent company you mean not fox news channel. >> our parent company.
4:53 pm
>> shepard: a lot of the details about the mom were brought out. it seems that there was evidence to indicate that the mom is the one who had been so abusive and that the mom didn't have enough food for him and that he would go out and steal food and that's how his crime spree began. i wonder if this had any effect on the victims. did they seem satisfied? >> no. they weren't satisfied. one left the courtroom clearly disgusted with the decision at seven years and three months. another one we talked to said we were all in fear. this guy took away our sense of security. they were not happy with the judgment today. even though they said nobody was actually hurt they say they lost their sense of self-out here. they were upset he didn't take the opportunity today to say that he was sorry. >> a lot of us had bad child hoods, right? we didn't turn into criminals over it we had compassion for people. >> and so the bare foot sag ga ends. he will be 28 years old when he gets out of prison. we don't know what he will become. we know he will not be a pilot
4:54 pm
because he has that felony conviction on his record now. >> shepard: piloting is behind him. dan springer, washington state. dan, thanks school officials on long island and new york have suspended a couple of high school students for deboing, of course, the denver bronchos quarterback and tim tebow devout vision known for kneeling for prayer on the field and caught on. people have named this thing tebowing. pictures and. it led river high suspend kids in the hallway because they were impeding student traffic that got a suspension and now tebow himself has spoken on this matter saying and i quote: i think if they had good intentions then good for them to have the courage to do something different. the united states marines are known for their courage and one marine exhibited exceptional bravery today when
4:55 pm
he asked the president's wife out on a date. seriously. what do you think michelle obama said when a marine said first lady would you go on a date with me? we will tell you. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them.
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get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> shepard: united states marine went on a mission of his own today when he asked first lady michelle obama for a date happened at a toys for tots event. the first lady was helping to sort the toys when 20-year-old lance corporal aaron leaks got her attention. what's that? and said, there is he there and asked if she would like to accompany him to next year's marine corps ball. there was music blaring so we couldn't hear the conversation from the microphone. michelle obama replied she would love to go but the marine would need to ask her husband. no word yet from podis. the president of one local bank says is he trying to be less of a scrooge in holiday
4:59 pm
season. the bank foreclosed on this home outside of oakland. instead of selling it the bank donated to nonprofit group that helps the homeless. >> let's face it banks are not looked possible right now as being the best community corporations and it's really good to try and change that image. >> true that that nonprofit director says she will help fix up the two bedroom home so folks homeless can look for themselves. on this day in 17' 3. a group of colonists boarded ships and dumped teas. we call it the boston tea party. the colonists had two major briefs. a bill that gave monopoly on the tea trade and grip on the american colonies without any elected representation. taxation without the brits pushed back with stronger military rule and for two years there was a revolutionary war. a group of patriots brewed salt water tea 238 years ago today.


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